Wedding Trends For 2017

Who says planning a wedding is easy? When you have an important day coming up you want to make the day special and memorable for the right reasons. Unfortunately, a lot of new brides aren’t sure which trends to offer and it’s a nightmare. Wedding trends can be useful and even though you are following a trend, you can still have the wedding of your dreams. So, what wedding trends for 2017 should you consider?

Outdoor Weddings

To be honest, it does seem as though more and more brides want an outdoor wedding—even in January! This has fast become a trend for 2017 and it’s one that is going to continue. However, you cannot blame brides and grooms for wanting an outdoor wedding. When you have an outdoor wedding you can have beautiful scenery and fit as many people as you like into the wedding party. As most will know, church weddings are great but if you’re marrying in a small chapel the wedding guest list can be limited to say the least. Outdoor weddings are a must!

Summer Weddings

Summer weddings are not just a trend for 2017, but they remain extremely popular. You cannot blame brides for wanting a summer wedding as usually it’s when the best weather is. Would you prefer a beautiful bright summer’s day outside or cold, wind-gusty weather? There is a real difference, especially if you have to go outdoors! However, summer weddings are truly some of the very best times for any couple and it’s certainly a trend that is set to continue. visit today!


Another trend for brides is unique. Weddings are no longer subtle affairs; they are big, bright and beautiful! Color plays a real part in many modern weddings and it’s certainly a trend that is continuing on a daily basis. Of course, it’s good to be unique as it’ll be your wedding the guests remember for years to come. Uniqueness doesn’t have to be so over-the-top you actually start disliking things but rather something you want or feel says how you feel.

What Do You Love?

weddingThis is an important question to ask when it comes to wedding trends but at the end of the day, you should choose a wedding you want and will love. If you want big red roses lining the aisle as you walk down it, so be it; or if you like the idea of having a traditional wedding, that is your choice. Always choose the weddings you love and while the latest trends are important, so too is your wants. check this news!

Create the Perfect Wedding

Planning for your special day is a must! However, for those who haven’t tried this before, it can seem very confusing and with new trends for weddings hitting the scenes ever so often, people don’t know which way to turn. You can honestly be a little unsure what to do but the above elements are just a few trends to think about. There are lots of amazing trends to look into and they can really showcase the best of your wedding.…

wedding party

Planning Your Wedding Meal

Weddings are lovely but planning them out can be another matter. When you are the bride, groom, or the wedding planner, you have to make sure every little thing goes right and that is no easy task. However, even when you haven’t had much experience in this department you can still find it’s a lot easier to plan for the big day. One thing which a lot of people struggle with (and forget entirely at times) is the wedding meal. Now, picking out food for the big day isn’t always given a priority and it’s causing a lot of problems. How can you plan for your wedding meal?

Choose What You Like

Let’s be honest, a lot of brides and grooms think if they choose the fanciest meal on the caterers menu that is the best way to proceed. Unfortunately, it is very wrong because nine times out of ten, the happy couple dislike what they are eating (not to mention their guests!). It really is important to think about the type of food you like so that you can incorporate some into the wedding meal. For instance, if you were a vegetarian you should have something you like but that also there is something for meat eaters; and vice versa. This ensures you get the meal you want and that the guests are happy too.

Have At Least a Choice for Guests

Having one set meal can often backfire and as a result there can be a lot of wasted food on the big day. The problem is that not everyone eats meat and not everyone enjoys chicken or beef; that can cause a lot of issues to say the least. However, to plan for your meal, why not write out a few options? You could have a choice of say two dishes for all guests so that everyone can enjoy a meal. This can make more people happy and prevent any issues also. You might think this is a more expensive method but in truth it can be a lot more cost-effective, especially if guests are stuck with one meal and no one eats it. visit this link now!

Have a Taste-Test

wedding partyIt’s crucial to taste the food you are going to serve up. Having a sampler arranged with the catering company is a must so that you can be sure what is served on the day, is what you like. Now, a lot of couples do not do this and find on the big day they dislike the meal they’ve chosen, even though it’s something they like. That is why you have to look at sampling or arranging a taste-test. This will make planning your wedding meal far easier and a piece of cake! Learn updated report from

Have a Great Day

Weddings are supposed to be romantic and memorable and while you might not think so but if you dislike the wedding meal you can feel as though the day’s ruined. That isn’t the case really as you’ve married your special someone but the bad things always standout more so than the good things. That is why you have to plan for your wedding meal with a wise head and take things in your stride. Don’t always choose the simplest route, nor the fanciest; test and ensure it’s a meal you are going to personally enjoy.…


Creating the Perfect Day

Weddings are beautiful. When a couple takes a walk down the aisle and commits to one another, it truly is a moving time. What’s more, sharing that moment with the people you love can be important as it showcases your love for one another. However, creating the perfect day without a hitch or bump in the road is a different matter! For many couples trying to create the perfect day is hard but not impossible. With a few tips under your belt you can plan and create the perfect wedding day.

Always Cater For More

While you might think having a confirmed guest list of one hundred and fifty is great, you must be aware that numbers can fluctuate. For example, people can bring a plus one or more people who didn’t reply can turn up which leaves you short of food. It is a lot better and easier to opt for over-catering so that you ensure everyone has something to eat. This doesn’t have to stretch the budget too far and it’s one less worry on the day too.

Think About the Theme of Your Day

Is there a particular theme you wish to have on the big day? For some, they choose underwater themes or something along those lines but it isn’t necessary to have a theme if you don’t want one or aren’t sure about it. This is a trend for modern weddings but again it’s not exactly necessary especially if you don’t care about them! You could opt for a white wedding and have a formal after party if you that are what you want. However, if you wanted a particular theme, that is good to—just ensure you’ve thought the theme right and get the right décor for the day. continue reading..

Always Have Extra Dress and Suit Fittings

Thousands of brides and grooms have arrived at their special day only to find at the very last second their outfit doesn’t fit! Now, that is not only earth-shattering but expensive because you’ve probably spent a lot of these things. However, if you want to create the perfect day you must think about having lots of dress and suit fittings. Brides must get lots of dress fittings, even the day before the wedding and grooms must do the same for their suits. Yes, you are less likely to put on lots of weight a few days before the wedding but again, you never know. Always be prepared and avoid disappointment.

Book Venues In Advance

coupleFor some couples they have their hearts set on certain churches and venues and for popular areas, these can be booked up very quickly. You have to be quick to book a church nowadays and it’s the same for the after wedding ceremony party. If you can, book in advance so that you have the ideal location for your wedding and that you aren’t scrambling around at the last minute for a venue. This is a smart option and something you will find to be very useful indeed. check it from

Have a Wonderful Wedding

Who would want to plan a wedding? Creating the perfect day is hard because so many things can go wrong. However, even if things go wrong, they don’t have to spoil the day. With a bit of careful planning you can create the dream wedding. Consider a few of the above tips and hopefully they’ll help you avoid disappointment. Have a wonderful wedding!…